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Just what is the advantage of LED panel light compared with fluorescent tube lamp

The installment of LED Panel lights could offer an cosmetically pleasing and modern-day upgrade to your office environment and maintaining a high level of power performance.

50% energy conserving
LED Panel lights work as an economical replacement for standard T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. The common application is the replacement of 1 or 2 x 1200mm T8 36W fluorescent tubes with 20W or 40W LED Panels (1200 x 300 or 600 x 600 mm) showing an electricity conserving of as much as 50%.

Approximately 10 times longer life
With an extensive life time of 5 to 10 times that of the traditional fluorescent tube depending on the quality and also type of the original tube as well as the operating cycle, LVT LED panel light substitutes exceeds the specifications of any existing T5 fluorescent tube replacement. Along with minimized life, the fluorescent tube will certainly additionally deteriorate faster such that the initial lumen result is reduced to 70% by 10,000 hrs where at this point the LED Panel light will certainly still have about 90% of the original lumen outcome.

Optimal Colour Temperature and also Work Environment
A lot of fluorescent workplace lights creates a colour temperature level or light colour which is as well white. With LED Panel lights we could tailor the colour temperature level of your office space or various other work environment to a more optimal colour temperature level generally in between 4500 and also 6500K. Numerous studies have actually revealed that work efficiency could enhance at colour temperature levels which are a closer suit to noontime daytime or 4500 to 5000K.

Flexible Driver Solutions
Again adaptable vehicle driver service is crucial for preserving the life of the LED pane light. Rather than offering the typical LED panel light which has an hard to reach internal chauffeur we give an alternative of utilizing a long life exterior motorist or patented exchangeable plug as well as play chauffeur which after many years of operation can be quickly unpluged and also replaced by basic upkeep team to supply lots of additional years of operation. We have such confidence in this changeable vehicle driver system that we give a 5 year business guarantee.
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